Autumn-Winter Collection 2016/2017

GETEX company has nearly half a century of tradition in the production of women's clothing. We focus on high quality products produced in own swing plant, tailored to the needs of the domestic market in terms of look as well as sizes.

The most important role in the Autumn-Winter 2016/17 collection play woolen coats, which for years have been the flagship brand. The quality and finishing are a prerequisite for the perfect coat, therefore in our production we use the best fabrics such as: angora, alpaca, sheep wool -virgin wool and mohair. Autumn-Winter proposals seduce not only shades of plum, burgundy, purple, navy blue, yellow, but also grays. Such colors as red, copper and turquoise also appear. In the collection there are also models with natural fur of fox giving timeless chic.

A separate collection consists of comfortable garments such as quilted jackets with natural fox and raccon trimming. The collection is designed for women who prefer comfort and stylish elegance. The coloring is cream and caramel beige, gray, navy blue, black.

coat Maryla Maryla
coat Eryka Eryka
coat Jenifer Jenifer
coat Syntia Syntia
coat Wiktoria Wiktoria
jacket Dorota Dorota
coat Selena Selena
coat Bingo Bingo
coat Abigail Abigail
coat Safira Safira
coat Lidia Lidia
coat Sandra I Sandra I
jacket Agnieszka Agnieszka
jacket Sarsa Sarsa
coat Alison Alison
coat Ula Ula
coat Eliza Eliza
coat Kora Kora
jacket Kira Kira
coat Zosia Zosia
coat Eris Eris
coat Atena Atena
coat Sharon Sharon
jacket Oktawia Oktawia
jacket Zuzia Zuzia
coat Chantal Chantal
coat Lilianna Lilianna
coat Pati Pati
coat Hera Hera
coat Tanita Tanita