Spring-Summer Collection 2017

Spring-summer 2017 collection of GETEX brand are:

BUSINESS COLLECTION is dedicated for ladies who are active professionally and whose work requires adherence to dresscode. We offer suits consisting of jacket, trousers, skirt and blouse, These are in the following colors: black, navy blue, creamy white, gray, beige.

DOLCE VITA COLLECTION is a proposition for various formal occasions. Jackets which harmonize with skirts, trousers and dresses. There are also summer blouses and trousers. Colours: blue, indigo, yellow, navy blue, coral red.

SAVANNA COLLECTION - clothing in safari style cotton washable colors: coral, yellow, gray, cobalt.

COTTON CHIC COLLECTION is a proposition of elegant cotton, various styles of trousers and skirts in the following colors: golden beige, navy and black.

BLUE COMFY COLLECTION - clothes made of viscose fabric called tencel in blue color and a color of washed dniem, also in shades of indigo.

jacket Ada Ada
jacket Aga Aga
coat Alicja Alicja
jacket Alvaro Alvaro
coat Anielka Anielka
jacket Astra Astra
coat Bogna Bogna
jacket Bożena Bożena
coat Dolly Dolly
coat Jaśmin Jaśmin
jacket Justyna Justyna
coat Lena Lena
jacket Luiza Luiza
coat Dalia Dalia
jacket Krzysia|blouse Frodo|skirt Elwira I Krzysia Frodo Elwira I
coat Barbara Barbara
coat Megan Megan
coat Mela Mela
coat Malibu Malibu
jacket Shirley I Shirley I
coat Rose Rose
jacket Mirela Mirela
jacket Nelly Nelly
jacket Malina Malina
coat Michalina Michalina
coat Tamara Tamara
jacket Letycja|blouse Frodo|skirt Stella Letycja Frodo Stella
jacket Larysa|trousers Ruta Larysa Ruta
jacket Perła|blouse Frodo|skirt Elwira I Perła Frodo Elwira I
jacket Laura|blouse Feniks|skirt Flora Laura Feniks Flora
blouse Feniks|trousers Amber Feniks Amber
blouse Feniks|trousers Tosia Feniks Tosia
blouse Celia|trousers 7/8 Margaret Celia Margaret
blouse Celia|trousers 3/4 Ginger I Celia Ginger I
tunic Basia|blouse Keri|trousers Tamira Basia Keri Tamira
dress Doris Doris
blouse Anna|skirt Karla Anna Karla
blouse Albena|trousers Borneo Albena Borneo
dress Sylwia Sylwia
dress Salsa Salsa
blouse Simona|trousers Megi Simona Megi
jacket Vespa I|blouse Anna|trousers Megi Vespa I Anna Megi
jacket Cynia|dress Babette Cynia Babette
blouse Alina|trousers Emina Alina Emina
blouse Doro Doro
blouse Frodo Frodo
blouse Keri Keri