Spring-Summer Collection 2018

In the spring of 2018 the Getex brand offers models of coats and jackets made of delicate Italian wools. The collection includes proposals for jackets in the colors of lemon, sand and coral red, navy blue; casual windbreakers with hoods, sports styles with romantic lace in denim shades.

Noteworthy are the coats in the style of glamor made from Italian jacquard fabrics in shades of blue and silver, in pastel beige and in the color of juicy green. Classic elegant styles are modernized by metal accessories with geometric shapes. The asset of the collection is a wide range of sizes, refinement of details and rich colors.

The summer collection is a thematic group:
SUMMER OFFICE includes coats coordinated with skirts, trousers and dresses. The blends are complemented by blouses. The colors are navy blue, cobalt, orange, red.
CEREMONY clothes for special occasions like weddings, communions and others. The main favorite is the dress, but there are also blouses coordinated with skirts, jackets. Everything in a delicate, pastel range of colors.
SAVANNA summer models of skirts, trousers and jackets made of cotton fabrics in vivid summer colors.
SLIM - various trousers with viscose mix in colors: navy blue, beige beige, cobalt.
COMFY BLUE. A collection of trousers, dresses and blouses made from washed blue tencel fabric.

coat Zdzisia Zdzisia
coat Kinga Kinga
coat Linda Linda
coat Tatiana Tatiana
coat Polina|blouse Candy|pants Vega Polina Candy Vega
coat Vanessa Vanessa
jacket Marlena Marlena
coat Pamela|skirt Junona Pamela Junona
dress Miranda Miranda
jacket Astra|pants 3/4 Ilona Astra Ilona
jacket Astra|skirt Junona Astra Junona
dress Emma Emma
coat Sabina Sabina
coat Sara Sara
coat Eleni Eleni
coat Werka Werka
coat Lena I Lena I
coat Bogna Bogna
coat Bogna I Bogna I
jacket Jagoda Jagoda
jacket Karina Karina
coat Kasia|pants Megi Kasia Megi
pants Tosia Tosia
jacket Iwona|blouse Candy|pants 7/8 Sigma Iwona Candy Sigma
coat Sonia Sonia
jacket Eryka|blouse Daisy|skirt Karolina Eryka Daisy Karolina
jacket Krzysia|pants Ruta I Krzysia Ruta I
coat Pelargonia Pelargonia
pants Mira Mira
skirt Karla Karla
pants 7/8 Sigma Sigma
pants 3/4 Ginger Ginger
dress Adria Adria
dress Tuluza Tuluza
dress Manuela Manuela
blouse Candy Candy
blouse Kama Kama
blouse Daisy Daisy
blouse Viva Viva
blouse Ariadna Ariadna