Autumn-Winter Collection 2018/2019

In the new winter collection, we offer coats of high quality wool: alpaca, angora and virgin wool. Coats are trimmed with natural fox fur. Cozy hoods, soft-fitting collars, and fashionable pockets are all elements of the collection made of woolen fabrics. Suggested colors: shades of red, yellows, greens, plums, neutral ashes, garnet and black.

In the collection of quilted Italian fabrics, we offer jackets and coats that are light, warm and comfortable. Hoods and collars are sewn with natural furs of high quality foxes and raccoon dogs that gives prestige and comfort of wearing. The products are additionally insulated with modern insulations with a membrane insulating against cold and wind. The colors are deep shades of plum, pomegranate, olives, ash, black and golden brown.

Proposals for those who love comfort are coats made of ecological materials imitating fur coats. The proposed colours of graphite black and gray and lightness make it worth having in your wardrobe.

coat Bingo Bingo
coat Teresa Teresa
coat Bingo I Bingo I
coat Amanda Amanda
coat Scarlet Scarlet
coat Franczeska Franczeska
coat Concordia I Concordia I
coat Maxim Maxim
coat Dora Dora
coat Cecylia Cecylia
coat Kenia Kenia
coat Renata Renata
coat Weronika Weronika
coat Gabi Gabi
coat Beata Beata
coat Magda Magda
coat Donna Donna
coat Maja Maja
coat Atena Atena
coat Letycja Letycja
coat Stenia Stenia
coat Chantall Chantall
coat Pati Pati
coat Concordia Concordia
coat Antonia Antonia
coat Otylia Otylia
coat Marta I Marta I
coat Dominika Dominika
coat Kira Kira
coat Malwina III Malwina III