Autumn-Winter Collection 2019/2020

The recognizable elements of the brand are the use of precious alpaca and angora wools as well as natural fur.

In the new winter collection we propose coats and jackets mainly made from precious Italian alpaca wools, cashmere and angora. Fur trim from natural fox and raccoon dog. Cozy hoods, soft-fitting collars and fashionable pockets these are all elements of the collection made of woolen fabrics.

 In the collection of quilted Italian fabrics, we offer light, warm and comfortable jackets and coats. Hoods and collars sewn with natural furs of high quality foxes and raccoon dogs. Prestige and comfort of wearing. The products are additionally insulated with modern insulations with a membrane insulating against cold and wind.

The continuation of previous seasons is a collection of outfits addressed to women looking for a fashion that works primarily for work and for casual socializing. Jackets, dresses, pants and skirts.

The preparation of the collection and the production of the Getex brand products take place at our sewing factory and at Polish cooperators.

coat Julia Julia
coat Sofia|coat Martynika Sofia Martynika
coat Bingo II Bingo II
coat Viva I Viva I
coat Feniks Feniks
blouse Inga|skirt Kioto Inga Kioto
blouse Inga|coat Rialto Inga Rialto
coat Anna I Anna I
coat Renata Renata
coat Zoja Zoja
coat Paulina Paulina
coat Maria Maria
coat Aurora Aurora
coat Topaz Topaz
coat Neli Neli
jacket Marzena Marzena
coat Justyna Justyna
coat Zuzia|coat Zuzia I Zuzia Zuzia I
coat Cleo Cleo
blouse Mantra Mantra
coat Laura|coat Laura I Laura Laura I
coat Ola Ola
jacket Dora Dora
coat Bella Bella
coat Liza Liza