About Us

Getex® company is a private company with 50 years of tradition and experience in the clothing industry.

It is seated in the city of Rybnik in the south of Poland.

Getex® specializes in production of cloth for ladies and men. These are mainly elegant coats and outfits for each season made of high quality of foreign and domestic fabrics in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Getex® sells its fashionable products in department stores and shops throughout Poland as well as abroad.

In the past we cooperated with such companies as Simclan, Vetono, More and More, Kenzo, Telimena and Lavard. We invite you to cooperation and we guarantee high quality of production made in accordance with tailor craft, reliable and timely service of your order.


Our production plant is equipped with: lockstitch machines, 3-threads and 5-threads safety stitch machine, two needle lockstitch machines, AMF and zigzag machines, blind stitch machines, buttonhole machines, button sewing machines, bar tacking machines, steam iron and ironing press, continuous fusing machines, knife machines. Our main advantage is highly qualified group of specialists with long term experience. We employ experienced technologists, constructors, cutters and ironers as well as highly qualified dressmakers and tailors, all that guarantees a very high quality of production. Moreover, our Preparation of Production department is very well qualified and organized. It is prepared to undertake assignments such as: preparation of models based on graphical projects, drawings or photos. We can also make prototypes, short series and preparation and gradation of patterns. For the latter we use a modern computing system called OptiTex, which supports construction and gradation of patterns, accelerates the process of preparation of cutting layout, printing of patterns as well as enables conversion and digitalization of patterns. This computing system allows us also to make corrections, if required, as well as to make the whole range of sizes in a very short period.

Tailoring services

Getex company performs services in scope of sewing from fabrics entrusted by a customer as well as preparing patterns. As mentioned earlier, the company mainly specializes in production of ladies clothes such as coats, jackets, trousers, skirts, dresses etc. We posses our own and fully equipped production plant where we employ over 60 of employees.